Create a Facebook ad that connects your customer to Whatsapp business

Whatsapp launched its standalone business app on last year January 2018 since then the app has garnered more than 50 million downloads. The app features many unique features to help corporate and brick & mortar stores alike to engage with customer to generate sales and services for their products. The app supports a slew of features to make customer management easier for small business like quick replies, labels for chat and automated messages to reply instantly and provide required information.

What makes the platform most attractive is its user base, with more than 300 million active monthly users in India the platform seems to provide massive potential for business to reach its customers. For all it unlocked potential the platform offers little value without targeted advertisements, the parent company Facebook as continues the whatsapp privacy policy allowing the platform to function free from advertisements. This might be bit letdown for small businesses there are others ways you attract customers to your whatsapp business profile.

Route your Facebook ads to whatsapp business

Create a Facebook ad that connects your customer to Whatsapp business
whatsapp quick messages

With the latest updates whatsapp introduced short link feature, this new feature allows you to share quick replies to users and the same url can be used to advertise on Facebook.

  1. Create a new campaign from Facebook ad Manager
  2. Select website traffic as campaign goal
  3. Select edit placements and choose mobile only (Since whatsapp is only available for mobile devices )
  4. Provide the whatsapp shortlink as your website url
  5. The preview will display your whatsapp quick reply

Once you are all set up you can begin your campaign. With this method you will be able to route your customers to whatsapp and engage in immediate conversation which will ensure that you are generating warm leads with higher chance of conversions.

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