How custom rom gives new leash of life to android devices

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The Android operating system is the most popular smartphones os till date and holds lion’s share of the smartphone market. But with all the open nature and developer friendly model android updates from OEM’s have always been a sore spot for many users, the Google’s flagship pixel devices receive 2 years’ worth of android updates and security updates upto 3 years but most of the other manufactures don’t even bother bringing in latest android os updates to their smartphones let alone providing monthly security updates.

While some of the flagship devices and several manufacturers like Nokia do provide timely android updates but many budget devices still get no love, I own a Lenovo k6 power which was released on 2016 with android marshmallow it was subsequently updates to android nougat in 2017 and ceased to get new updates since then while the rest of the world and new devices are enjoying android pie I must settle with android nougat with lot of missing features.

Enter Custom ROM, custom rom are aftermarket firmware for android devices which allows the user to experience upto date os and security patches. Lineage os supports officially a slew of devices where officially signed packages are available for download to the users of the supported devices, if your device is not in the supported lists then chances are available that it will have unofficial ports in XDA developer’s forum.

I myself have flashed the latest Linegaeos 15.1 based in android Oreo on my Lenovo k6 power following this easy to use guide here.

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