Fixing Xbox Live / Matchmaking issues on your Xbox One

One of the best features in our consoles is to seamlessly with join our friends in multiplayer lobbies/parties to get the exquisite multiplayer gaming experience, but sometimes that might not be case with some players running to empty lobbies or dead servers with no people to play. These are issues are mostly related to your Network Address Translation (NAT), players whose Xbox’s are set in strict NAT type will face difficulties in connecting with other players.

Fixing Xbox Live / Matchmaking issues on your Xbox One

What is NAT and UNpP?

To connect to Xbox live and other players are mostly dictated by the type of NAT your network uses. To get the experience of Xbox live and online gaming experience it is recommend to have open NAT and that is what we are trying to achieve. The compatibility of NAT type with other player can be easily understood from the chart below.

Universal plug and play

UNpP is the digital protocol that allows all the devices in the internet to interact seamlessly. It allows applications to forward ports automatically instead of manually entering the port no. Due to security reasons the UNpP protocol is by default disabled on most of the routers but it can be easily be enabled to change your NAT type to open.

Enabling UNpP

Fixing Xbox Live / Matchmaking issues on your Xbox One

Let us now enable UNpP in your network router.

  1. Open your router login page (Most router login page will be available by entering your router ip)
  2. Browse the menu to find UNpP settings (varies by device)
  3. If you couldn’t find UNpP setting enable “Port Forwarding”
  4. Once completed go to your network options in the Xbox setting
  5. Select “Test NAT Type” to allow your console to refresh the configs
  6. Now you would have enable open NAT on your Xbox one.

Now you can drop in to your games and find matches quickly.

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