Why G2A is the best option for Indian Gamers

G2A digital marketplace for game codes

The Plight

Game publishers have long ignored the Indian gaming market although it has not been entirely their fault in doing so. Most of our childhood will be filled with memories of playing 8-bit Nintendo games on Chinese copycat console since Nintendo never officially sold their products in the country. Since then the gaming has grown leaps and bounds with many latest games offering intuitive gameplay and exceptional graphical the state of gaming in India has remained the same.

The largest digital distributor of PC games steam started accepting games in local currency in 2015 but the payment options supporting local debit card such as RUPAY were only recently added. Though Steam has solved some of our gaming woes EA still haven’t made it any easier for gamers to buy its products. Milestone Interactive which is the official game distributor for EA in India has stopped selling physical copies of PC games since 2014 the only option for the users is to buy the games on the Origin platform for the same price as selling in the US and download the entire game, the platform choosing credit card has only payment option is an another hurdle since most users don’t have access to credit cards.

Enter G2A

G2A is digital marketplace which brings together sellers and buyers of PC game key and activation codes. The platform sells game and activation keys for many popular platforms such as Xbox live, PSN, Steam, Origin and even the Windows store. The sellers of the platform are third part player who buy game keys in bulk at cheap prices to sell them in the marketplace.

Since game keys is a grey market it is important for users to pay attention to seller rating and reviews, although most keys will be legit it is often safe to pay extra attention. To protect the users the platform offers G2A shield which offers the buyer protection to claim refund if the key purchased does not work as intended.

Buying games on G2A

G2A supported payment methods in India
G2A supported payment methods

Once you have selected the game you want to buy check out the prices from various sellers some might even offer for really cheap prices but be sure to read their reviews from other buyers. Then proceed to the checkout page and pay with your preferred payment provider.

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  1. G2A is a marketplace that brings together buyers and vendors of PC game activation and key codes. To take care of the users of the system features G2A shield that delivers refund to be claimed by the customer protection in the event the key doesn’t operate as intended.

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