Gaming on Xbox one in India

Gaming in India is still a niche market, Either you want to setup a PC or buy a console both will surely burn a hole in your pocket. Both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft Xbox one offer great gaming experience and pretty good stack of exclusives on both sides while albeit Sony has better set of exclusives this generation. This article will help you understand the experience on Xbox one from gaming to entertainment.


Xbox one might not have won this generation but that doesn’t mean that it is not a great gaming devicee. If you are on the fence to buy xbox one then this article will probably help you make your decision. The xbox one will cost you about Rs. 21,000 on Amazon and will come one game depending upon the bundle you buy. The frequently asked questions regarding the platform will always be.

  1. Will it work offline ?

The console will need internet connection and Microsoft account to setup for achievements and sunc games saves to the cloud, beyond that you can use your console and play games at any time.

  • Can you play games without updating ?

Most games will be able to install from the disc but some modern games do require day one patch to play and most online games like Destiny and division will not work without updating which will cost you a lot of data.

  • Can you play multiplayer games ?

If you wanna play multiplayer with your friends or with other people you must have a xbox live subscription for online gaming, without live subscription you will be confined to local co op.


What sets console gaming apart is their stack of exclusives and Xbox one has a lot of cool exclusives for your jump in with fan favorite Halo, Gears of war , Forza motosport and others among many. All the games on the platform play well without much performance drops and with glorious visuals.

Remember you will need to update to update your games even when you buy physical copies to get the best experience.

Physical game copies vs digital:

While buying disc will ensure that you can resell the games to get new ones whereas your digital library will be linked to your account and cannot be share with others. But Microsoft has repeated online sales where you can grab many favorite titles cheaper than their physical counterpart.

Xbox game pass:

Xbox game pass is the latest gaming rental service from Microsoft it will allow you own a library of more than 100 games at a monthly subscription cost. The xbox game pass is available in two variants ultimate vs the normal one.

Gaming on Xbox one in India

The ultimate version comes with xbox live included and also comes with added advantage to use in your pc. The xbox game pass ultimate will cost you about Rs. 999 and the normal version will cost you Rs. 699. The game is clearly a game changer since you don’t have to buy new games every month and the library is constantly updated.

Multiplayer experience:

Multiplayer gaming is crucial part of this gen with many games focusing exclusively on the online experience rather than cinematic gameplay, uber popular games like Fortnite ,PUBG , Destiny 2 And The Division all focus on the online experience. If you are a Xbox gamer In India or perhaps in Asia itself you will mostly probable be hitting game lobbies with lack of the player base meaning you will have to wait for exorbitant amount time to find a match or switch to EU servers with high pings.

Gaming on Xbox one in India

Xbox one popularity in Asia is highly limited with PlayStation being the dominant player but the upcoming cross play will be able to fix it by allowing you to play with players on the PS4 this will reduce matchmaking time and enable greater experience. Some of the upcoming games to include cross play support are PUBG in October and call of duty modern warfare 2019.

Xbox live:

Gaming on Xbox one in India

Xbox live is a necessary expense if you want to play online games then there is no forgoing it xbox live subscription for year will cost Rs.3,499 while it arguably expensive it is still cheaper than PlayStation plus which is marked up to match the dollar price. The service also offers you four free games every month two xbox one titles and two xbox 360 title once you have claimed the title during the free period the game is yours to keep unlike PlayStation plus which need the subscription to play games.

Backward compatibility :

Sony has outright removed any sort of backward compatibility from the PS4 rendering previous generation and the only way to access to old games is through PlayStation now service which allows you to stream old games through internet. But Xbox one supports backward compatibility and you old Xbox 360 and Xbox games will be playable as soon as you pop in your disc if they are supported in the backward compatibility program.


If you are looking to jump into the platform now it would be great time the console costs you less than decent gaming pc and still has a lot of life in it. Halo infinite will be coming in 2020 and Microsoft has bought many game studios to increase its first party line up. The future is really bright for xbox one you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

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