Google’s rich snippets are expanding

Google rich suggestion in chrome

Google first introduced rich snippet in early 2009 which allowed Google’s algorithm to highlight structured data in webpages, this allows user to find useful content through search itself instead having to visit to webpage itself. Google has set of predefined structured data which can be used by webmaster to associate the details of their webpages. Now rich results are expanding beyond search with the integration into Google chrome search bar which now displays extra details about places and famous people directly in the search box.

How it works

While the omnibox in chrome allowed autocomplete suggestions and history from previously visited website it now includes rich suggestion for searches by displaying images and other details relevant to the search query. The best example can be of famous places which displays the images of the particular place and its location without actually conducting a search.

Google rich suggestion in chrome
Google rich suggestion in chrome

Rich snippets are no longer only useful in the search engine but also into other Google products in the near future. since Google is always striving to improve the user experience in its products it may implement rich snippets into new products.

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