Has Epic become the very thing it swore to destroy

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When Microsoft announced the Windows 10s to compete with Chromebook Epic founder Tim Sweeney came all bashing in to criticize Microsoft as the operating system can only install and run apps from windows store which left third party publishers such as Steam at a major disadvantage, he went to dub the new operating system as “Windows 10 Crush Steam Edition.”

Tim Sweeney's Tweet on Windows 10s
Tim Sweeney’s Tweet on Windows 10s

Now after nearly 2 years the tables have turned entirely the biggest and upcoming competitor to steam as the largest digital distributor platform is not Microsoft store but the new launched Epic game store launched by Tim Sweeney himself and the controversies have just began. When the new platform was launched Epic greatly rewarded the developer than its competitors by offering upto 88% of the revenue to the developers rather than the 70/30 cut which has become industry standard at first many people including gamers welcomed this move as much needed competition in the field to keep away monopoly by any single entity, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore the recent move by Deep Silver to make Metro Exodus exclusive to Epic game store just two weeks before launch and with launch period of reorders on steam was not received well with the franchise fan and gamers in general the exclusivity will run up till February 14 2020 before being available on other publisher stores.

Steam vs Epic game store krusty crab meme
Steam vs Epic game store

Metro Exodus is not the only major AAA game to avoid steam Ubisoft is also skipping The Division 2 launch on steam and will only be released on Epic game store and Uplay as part of the their multi game agreement. Valve has updates increased its revenue split to developers to take on the competition the 70/30 cut will remain for the first $10 million in sales a game maker or publisher earns. For all sales between $10 million and $50 million, the split goes to 25 percent. And for every sale after the initial $50 million, Steam will take just a 20 percent cut. But will this allow steam to remain as the largest Digital publisher is yet to be seen

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