Here’s how to remove unwanted ads, popups and malware on android

Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the planet and unlike Apple’s ios Google has to depend upon ad revenue to drive its product innovation and new features. With that being the Google clamps down on all adblocking apps from its playstore and most system wide adblocker will not be able to run properly without the root access. However here are some apps you can deploy on your mobile devices with relative ease for achieving an ad free experience on Android.

1. Blokada

Blokada 5, The adblocker

If you want to efficiently block ads, trackers, malware, save on your data plan, speed up your device and protect your privacy with just one application, then Blokada is for you. It is free, secure and open source.

Blokada 5

2. DNS66

DNS66 allows blocking host names via DNS. This can be used for ad blocking. It
also allows other DNS servers to be added, for more privacy.

Compared to AdBlock Plus, this works without proxy stuff; and it also does not
require root, like AdAway does: DNS66 establishes a VPN interface, and redirects
DNS server traffic to it. The VPN interface filters the traffic, only allowing
queries for hosts that are not blacklisted.

DNS 66

3. Adguard

Adguard is one of the premium apps in the list offering more modern user experience and powerful ad blocking. AdGuard for Android is an ideal solution for Android mobile devices. In contrast to other ad blockers, AdGuard doesn’t require root access and it provides a broad spectrum of features: filtering in apps, apps management and much more.

Adguard for android

4. Browser with Adblock

FIrefox for Android

Firefox Browser for Android is automatically private and incredibly fast. Thousands of online trackers are following you every day, collecting information about where you go online and slowing down your speed. Firefox blocks over 2000 of these trackers by default and there are ad blocker add-ons available if you want to customize your browser even more. With Firefox, you’ll get the security you deserve and the speed you need in a private, mobile browser.

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