Hike messenger is all set to get major an update this year

hike messenger logo

The homegrown messaging app has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, the platform has been continuously updated to provide new features to enhance its user experience and improve app loyalty.

Hike Natasha might the single most popular feature that any user can relate with the app due to its immense popularity, while payments and stickers features have become may stay of the platform. But all is set to change this year Hike will be moving from an one app for all to multiple apps that take core parts of Hike and recreate them in intuitive multiple apps to pave way for efficiency and focused user experience.

While the app features will be split the users won’t forced to migrate to the new services, the existing users will have a choice to stay with current app or migrate to new redesigned services.

According to Kavin, “Unbundling Hike into multiple apps focused on doing one thing allows us more room in the pixels to deliver much more around one problem. Moving to a Multi App Strategy no longer restricts us to a specific segment of the market. This is going to allow us to explore different parts of the market which is important given a significant number of new internet users have come from an older age demographic previously un-targeted by Hike.”

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