How to spy on your competitor’s social media marketing ?

Facebook ad library

Facebook is the single largest social media entity in the world with over 2.3 billion users monthly worldwide, this allows Facebook to use its dominant position on the internet to swallow whole swathes of user data which in turn allows it to build the largest ad platform allowing adversiters globally to leverage the platform to reach the their targeted audience.

Since most buisnesses are now coming online to get new customers or expand the reach of their products adspace competition on facebook is ever increasing, with ad inventory drying up you will be forced to increase your bid to take the adspace form your competition. With right set of tools you can spy on your competiton’s social media activies and beat them at their own game.

Facebook was marred by controversy as trolls and political parties used the platform to spread fake news and derogatory posts to increase their reach of their propaganda machine and the company was investigated about their advertising practices which forced them to make major changes in how facebook pages information are displayed.

Enter facebook page transparency report

Competitor social media ad library
Competitor social media ad library

Initially Facebook allowed users to view ad info about the current active campaigns of the page but much of the details was neatly left out, but with the new Facebook page transparency tools called Ads library displays all the current active ad sets, the start date , the creative sets and a whole lot more. This gives you more valuable information to view about your competitor page and their advertising practices, these data may help you build your own campaign for your clients.

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