Lenovo K6 Power nougat update pulled

Lenovo has rolloed out the much awaited nougat update for its popular budget smartphone Lenovo k6 power on 27 june 2017 but quickly pulled back due to users reporting major issues as soon as they upgraded their devices.

lenovo k6 power bricked
Lenovo k6 power bricked

The update package in question was k222 which brought the android version to 7.0 was shipped with major flaw which could potentially brick user devices with no means to fix other than visiting an authorized service center. The several issues apart from general heating and battery drain were the mobile displays went completely dead and was displaying only black and white lines.

As soon the vexed users started flooding the user forums to report these issues lenovo quickly pulled the update to stop it from affecting more devices. A patched version of the update was rolled out again in the following month fixing most of the reported issues. While this is not just a one of misfortune it clearly questions the development and testing phase of the software updates before being pushed out to general users, We must wait and see how Lenovo learns from these recent events.

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