Opera is adding VPN service to its mobile browser

opera launches vpn for android and ios

After the demise of company’s VPN application (opera VPN) on Android and iOS since April 30 2018 Opera software has been integrating its VPN service into its browser itself. While the Opera for desktop has long enjoyed the integrated VPN services since last year it is now the turn of android and iOS users to experience this year.

The feature was officially announced on the Opera blog and the gradual rollout of the service will initially be limited to beta users for now once the testing is complete a wider rollout should be expected. The VPN is free and provides unlimited data without any fair usage policy, the locations of the VPN servers however are vaguely displayed as Europe, America and Asia with now option to select country wise server.

The company is banking on their no log service which does track user data passing through their network and the recent porn ban in India to appeal to its audience. However the quality of the VPN service is still a lingering question with the services available for absolutely free how do they hope cover all the server cost without any monetization.

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