PUBG lite on low end pc

PUBG lite
PUBG lite
PUBG lite

Player’s unknown battleground has been a phenomenon hit in the gaming world with more 50 million copies shipped for both consoles and pc the battle royale genre has really stood its test of time. The games success allowed Tencent the Chinese internet giant to port the game for mobile devices to make inroads into mobile gaming with recurring revenue from in app purchases for cosmetics and perks etc.

With its mobile release PUBG’s popularity increased immensely but players on both PC and mobile were still left out due to its high system requirements, to overcome this hurdle for gamers on both pc and mobile Tencent has been working on a lite version of the game which will allow players with low end devices to play with suitable experience. The PUBG lite version is currently in beta test mode exclusively available to users of Brazil and Turkey for both pc and mobile.

PUBG lites uses emulation to run on windows pc to allow systems with integrated graphics play smoothly without any FPS drops, as seen with many android emulators the app makes mouse and keyboard controls easier just like regular FPS games. But users should be aware that emulators will only allow matchmaking with other emulator players so as not to disrupt mobile gaming experience.

To grab the app now head to and register your account and download the app. To connect to servers use VPN to change your IP address to brazil or turkey which will allow you to enter matchmaking. While this may not be the full PUBG experience you will be expecting but it still gets near to the real deal.

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