Split netflix account at cheapest prices

netflix account at cheapest price

On demand streaming has skyrocketed in India since the launch of reliance jio and so started the binge watching phenomenon among the Indian movie buffs. Many streaming services are vying for the dominant market position with original series and exclusive titles this essentially allows a streaming services to expand their library and grab the attention of more audiences, but all this comes with its own unwanted side effects when every service has their own exclusives people must start paying for more than one service provider to watch their favourite shows and in a price competitive market like India that is seemingly not going to work.

Most Indians will not be able to pay for more than one streaming service since most of the individuals are students are middle class income people who are tiered of their cable bills. And to overcome this disadvantage many of them have started sharing their accounts with their friends or family to reduce the overhead cost by splitting their bill allowing them to stay with multiple services while are spending less, this in theory should work out for most but there always the odd boy in the gang who fails the monthly share or you are too sensitive to ask your family members for their share and this will lead to bill shortages or pay the whole bill by yourselves.

Enter Splitandchill

Splitandchill.com buy Netflix account at cheapest price
Splitandchill.com buy Netflix account at cheapest price

Splitandchill.com is relatively new website which has been only alive for an year but it has already started to grab the geeks attention. The site allows people without netflix account to buy one from their huge pool sharers and provide you with a profile to enjoy your favourite shows. The cost of one account is Rs.250 and you will be asked to pay through upi or paytm wallet, while most users will be sceptical of these services since most just to scam people and sure one of you might have even fallen for it but i tries the service myself and was allocated an account within few hours and begun my own netflix and chill.

More details are provided on the website be sure to check it out. This is not a sponsored post from splitandchill.com, this is solely an expression of my experience.

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