Surprise! Surprise! App developers are recording your screen interactions on IPhone

apple privacy billboard at ces

Major companies such as Uber, Expedia, travel apps, financial apps and carrier services apps are recording every interaction you make using their apps and this continues to happen without the user’s knowledge or consent.

At CES this year Apple trolled its competition with its privacy billboard and how user data is all safe inside your iPhone, but with recent reports from TechCrunch that seems no longer to be the case. Apparently developers have been able to find a chink under Apple’s armor, the iOS platform is touted for its security and strict guidelines for apps to ensure that the user privacy is protected but several companies have gone to greater extent to track their users. The analytics code in question is developed by Glassbox, once the analytics coded from the vendor in embedded into the app the developers will be able to map the entire user session inside the app by the practice known as “Session Replaying” this allows the developers greater insights to about certain features and interface designs which might not be helping users. Although the goal was does not look threating but the tracking of users sessions without any consent or acknowledgement is alarming. Furthermore many app’s privacy policy does not even mention the use of such tracking.

Is this one of off misfortune certainly not on Oct 2017 Uber was found to record user screens with special feature called “entitlement “ which allowed the app developer to read and write to part of the iPhone’s memory that contains pixel and display data.

Apple is now cracking down on the apps with the analytics software, the company is now telling the developers to either remove the code or disclose it to their users failing to comply will result in violation of Apple’s privacy terms and the app in question might be removed from the App store until the developer makes the appropriate changes.

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