Top new Google search features you should know about

latest new features on google

Google search always has neat features to make our everyday lives better and since Google doesn’t have a proper change log it becomes difficult to keep track of all the updates, today we take a look at new Google search feature which makes the internet even more cooler.

Stories on Google

Stories was first introduced by Snapchat and made popular by Instagram and today there is no platform without the stories feature including Google, Google now displays the lives of people with famous persona in its new stories feature. Search Danny Devito for ex even though most wouldn’t have watched his films everyone will remember him for his famous memes, Google brings about his upcoming movies and notable moments of his life in his dedicated stories.

latest new features on google

Find where to watch your favorite movies

latest new features on google

If you are not into pirating movies in the 21st century then you must know which streaming services offer your favorites movies since streaming partners have their own library and exclusives it is important to choose the perfect service for you. Search for the movie you are looking for and then

Goto -> The movies tab -> And view the available options to watch your movie.

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