Why you should invest in a VPN?

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The good old days of file sharing and pirating was born when popcorn made torrenting accessible to non tech savvy users, Ever since then pirates and popular torrent sites like kickass which had very good UX and mostly reliable torrents but it all came to an end when law enforcement stuck down.

The demise of popular sites and IP bans from telecomm regulator meant that VPN was the only way to access proxy sites and download your next season of Game of thrones but now VPN is not onl necessary for pirating it is also becoming an essential tool to view government obtrusive content which they deem evil to its citizens.

windscribe build your own plan
windscribe build your own plan

The Indian government has blocked many websites on the basis of vague and arbitrary orders, some sites include which hold pornography content or file hosting sites such as rapid share which falls in a grey area but don’t have any necessary law that deems them illegal. But when the government blocks Reddit, telegram web and even wallpaper website Zedge for no apparent reason but fear not internet users can use this simple trick to browser their favorite website without any hindrance.

The VPN tools allow you to access content that is blocked by your telecom regulator if you are thinking of investing in a VPN service now would probably be a good time. There are lot of options available to users including many free options which have data limits or sell your personnel data for advertising but I would like to recommend windscribe VPN it has several popular plans and also allows to build your own plan by choosing your required servers, it allows torrenting and provides unlimited data to allow you to stream videos and make large downloads possible. It starts with one dollar per location/ per month which is very cheap considering the competition. Their privacy policy states that they do not log any information on you expect your email to maintain service requests and payments.

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