Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 7 next year

windows 7 end of support logo

Windows 10 for the first time since launch has overtaken windows 7 in marketshare last month, now windows 10 has 39.22 percent marketshare while windows 7 takes 36%. Microsoft officially has announced its end of support period for windows 7 with their new support page which gives the details for consumers and enterprise users to upgrade to the latest windows 10.

With the support for windows 7 ending January 14 2020 consumers have only one to either upgrade to windows 10 to have a secure operation system with future updates or continue to use venerable os, The enterprise customers have two options either to purchase windows extended support updates (ESU) or move to virtual desktop service which are connect to Microsoft Azure servers.

Since general IT and enterprise sector delay their transition to new updates they can pay for extended support updates on per user basis which will increase each year, they can also switch to virtual desktop service which allows them to receive extended support for free but WVD is still not available for public preview and is expected to be released in near future.

This move might also increase pc sales since windows 10 only overtook 7 last month which means that hundreds of millions of users are still yet to upgrade their software and most probably their hardware too.

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